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We provide pioneering solutions using Digital Technologies of the day to empower others to break boundaries and build something extraordinary!

Experienced professional

In our age of rapid digitisation, many decision-makers labour under the mistaken belief that digitising a company is a straightforward, lateral move. Given his years working with many organisations across a wide range of industries, Kamal knows that there’s a lot more to it.

Working at the leading edge of today’s rapidly evolving technologies, Kamal provides up-to-date insights into how these can be harnessed to achieve increasingly effective and profitable outcomes for your business. He distils the information down into a systematic, customised approach to digitisation that takes advantage of what organisations already have in place, then applies the right technologies at the proper pain points.

Kamal works closely with his clients and their teams to gain a full understanding of an organisation’s operating infrastructure and core processes. These analyses look at internal workings and at the capabilities of the upstream supply chain, as well as the likes, needs and preferences of downstream customers and prospects.

It’s an approach that skilfully identifies the holes through which business value is being drained, as well as opportunities where value can be created. The net result is a set of solutions which facilitate the organisation’s efficiency across both physical and digital processes.

Kamal is the author of the bookPlugging The Operational “Holes” In Your Business’, where he  lays out in detail what business leaders need to know in order to “plug” the holes in their organisations that are stifling growth.

Outside work, Kamal enjoys gardening, playing Badminton and watching Cricket.

Kamal Salwan

Strategic Digital Partner

Our mission is to empower businesses to thrive digitally. We co-create data-driven Digital Business Strategies, and execute them with help of trusted partners for results.
Collaboration Wins!

What’s in a name?

The company inspiration comes from “Enactivisim” concept: Cognition arises through a dynamic interaction between an acting organism and its environment.

Applying this concept in business context, we help you enact a business, you envisage, in emerging digital ecosystem. Imagine, your business can be designed to interact and learn from its environment in a manner like a robot does.

Core Values

  • Empower users to make real-time decisions and take actions
  • Outcome driven delivery commitment
  • Use data and facts for future-proof solutions
  • Use our global business networks to create unique solutions for local needs
  • Maintain open and clear communication channels with customers.

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