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Cyber Security

ICT Security a.k.a Cyber Security

Cybersecurity aims to protect individuals’ and organisations’ Physical and Digital Assets against computer viruses, malicious software, ransomware, phishing attacks, denial of service and threats from unauthorised and/or unauthenticated users.

Why Cyber Security? From Business perspective:

    • Cybersecurity is a business problem and yet accountability still lies primarily with IT function.
    • Cyber-risk incidents can have operational, financial, reputational and strategic consequences for an organization, all of which come at significant costs
      • Just imagine the cost of business down for 1 day
    • Vulnerability to Cyberthreats are high because Digital is everywhere
    • Attackers are becoming sophisticated – using Digital and AI to find and attack
    • For unprotected Businesses, it is a matter of ‘When’ they will be attacked
    • All size businesses are at risk of Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity is a ‘Choice’

      • No such thing as “Perfect Protection”
      • Higher Risk means lower cost
      • Lower Risk means Higher Cost
      • Goal is to Build a Sustainable Program
      • Balance “Need to Protect” against “Need to Run” the business
      • Focus on business outcomes setting right priorities with right investments

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